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Company Profile

Our core and most fundamental principle is to provide high quality and innovative products and services that carry a seal of Quality accompanied by Personal Service to satisfy customers' needs and demands.

Our knowledgeable company is funded on the long Family tradition operating in Israel for more than 44- years.

The company 44-years track record as a trusted supplier is funded on our vision and accomplishments:

  • Product development to fit all our customers' requirements and needs.

  • Consistent progress, improvements and innovation following global trends and changes.

  • Outperforming our competitors in consumers' satisfaction and maintaining a leading role in all our line of expertise.

  • Safety and meeting environmental regulations and international standards.

  • Unique customer insights.

  • Professional coordination of all our resources to make working with us easier than ever before. `

Our company is fully integrated and includes specialized departments such as Research and Product Development, Manufacturing, Logistics, Packaging, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Human Resources and Customer Service.

Our warehouse and distribution center are located close to Tel Aviv (the main business site of Israel) with direct access to all highways. Our transportation fleet includes more than 20 vehicles self owned.

Our Consumer Service and Distribution Departments are operating independently.

In addition, we are in the process of developing additional capabilities in purchasing and importing of:

  • Paper products.

  • Disposable packaging

  • Maintenance and cleaning products.

  • Protection equipment for a spectrum of industries.

A selected list of our loyal customers includes: Hotels; Restaurants; Institutions; Security and cleaning companies; Hospitals; Nursing homes; Catering Companies; Event Halls; Health Services and Providers Organizations; Kibbutzim; Airlines; Embassies and Consulates; Supermarkets chains; etc.

The improvement of the geopolitical environment in our region due to the peace road map and negotiation efforts, and the improved economical conditions in Israel, allows us to look forward for a significant improvement in the overall business environment in Israel. Undoubtedly this will have also far reaching impact on the region economy. We are preparing and establishing the network and the infrastructure to represent overseas manufacturers and high quality products in our products range and/or developing new markets for other compensating products. We therefore are seeking to represent and/or aligned with Global Groups and/or leading National Companies that are interested and considering penetrating the Israeli Marketplace. 
Last but not least we are looking forward to become a part of your solution.


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